Greater Boston Pistol League
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   We are gathering E-mail addresses from members of the GBPL so that we can communicate via the internet. Depending upon your selection from the previous web page, an E-mail message will be automatically generated to initiate your preference. After we receive your message, we will add your name and E-mail address (subscribe) to our list, or remove your address from the list (unsubscribe). Anyone can elect to participate and then change their minds at any time with no questions asked.

When sending a subscribe or unsubscribe message; you must use the E-mail address where you wish to receive the GBPL Bulletin. GBPL Bulletins will be sent to the "return" E-mail address of your subscribe message. (Don't send a message from a work address if you wish to receive GBPL Bulletins on a home address, and vice-versa.) If you wish to receive GBPL Bulletins at multiple E-mail addresses (i.e. home and work), you must send subscribe messages from each address, separately.