Greater Boston Pistol League
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Division Team Captain FNAME LNAME Co-Capt FNAM LASTN
A CANN Capt Robert Parks Co-Capt Richard Ammon
A CANN Capt Robert Parks Co-Capt Pearce Sears
A DNV-1 Capt Fred Cuzner Co-Capt Dave Daniels
A MRA-1 Capt Walter Young Co-Capt Tom Mearls
A MRA-1 Capt Walter Young Co-Capt Ed George
A RDG-1 Capt Steve Goldstein Co-Capt Carl Surabian
A WSA-1 Capt George Yannetti Co-C Larry Forman
B DNV-2 Capt Walt Schweizer Co-Capt Jim Connick
B EAST Capt Frank Brown Co-Capt Jim Sweeney
B MEL Capt Ron Sturges (Sr) Co-Capt Pat McColgan
B MIT Capt Edward Ginsberg Co-Capt Harry Sulahian
B MRA-2 Capt Steve Kreide Co-Capt Jack Marino
B NRDG Capt Dick Morrissette Co-Capt Malcolm Skinner
B WSA-2 Capt Peter Wishneusky Co-Capt Brian Drake

Team Captains & Co-Captains

"Old Glory"


A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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