Greater Boston Pistol League
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Handicap Rules

1.) The general rule in calculation of handicap(hcp) is

2.) For a match score the handicap is added to the competitor's
actual match score with the following exception

1) if sum of actualscore and handicap is greater than 285
then the match score is capped at 285
2) if the competitor's actual score exceed 285 then he
keeps his actual match score and no handicap is added.

3.) The competitors average of all score from the previous year
is used to calculate the handicap for the first cycle of
the new season. ( See Rules 5,6) The handicap is
recalculated at the end of each cycle based on an average
which is last year's average counting as one score and the
total score of matches fired in current season less the
value of the lowest fired score.
If number of matches fired in new season is less than
or equal to 2 then there is no new handicap issued as
taking out the low does not leave much to form an

4.) A new shooter must fire at least two(2) matches to obtain
an average from which to calculate an initial handicap.
Since the lower the average the more likely a new shooter
will shoot a score which is radically inconsistent with
average based on only 2 scores, any average lower than 150
will have a max handicap of 108( a handicap for average
of 150).

5.) A recorded average of less than 150 from the previous season
with a minimum of 10 fired matches will have a first cycle
handicap based on actual average and will be able to continue
to have handicap based on actual average for current season.

6.) Any average based on less than 10 matches from the previous
season and any subsequent cycle averages for the current
year are subject to the max handicap rule of 108 based on a
150 average.



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